Here you go again, reading static text that just sits lazily, waiting for you do all the work. Why not click on the chat button (bottom-right on this page) and ask talkigy what you want to know?

OK, so you are 'old-school' and can't get by without reading some static text. Here's why you should enhance your current web site using a talkigy automated dialogue:

Give people an extra reason to visit your web site

It's not easy to make your web site stand out. The more creative your designers get, the harder it is to make updates and keep content fresh. A site with artificial intelligence will impress. People will naturally want to test how well it works and they will tell their friends through social media.
Use automated dialogue to attract visitors to your site and have them stay there longer.

Make it fun for them when they get there

There is too much text in the world and not nearly enough humour. Wouldn't it be great to have a site that answers back while fetching a relevant page?
talkigy will serve smiles together with your content.

Make it easy to find information

Search engines are good at finding needles in haystacks if you know what you are looking for. But if your visitor gets a long list of pages where each must be manually searched, you will lose them. With talkigy, your visitors engage with your content as they get immediate answers to questions and encouragement to explore further, in a sequence and depth of their choosing. This is all achieved with the most natural technique of all - chatting.
Use automated dialogue to stimulate a sequence of queries, each building on the previous, drawing visitors into your content

Get your message across

Once visitors are chatting with an automated dialogue, you have their attention in a playful and open frame of mind. This is the perfect space where they can discover your message. talkigy is designed so that you can gently steer the dialogue to convey your messages. Nothing is forced and the visitor is free to follow their own interests or just play - but you have an opportunity to pique their curiosity.
Use talkigy to sow seeds in the minds of your visitors.

Understand what makes your visitors tick

An open ended chat directed by the visitor who can spend as much or as little time as they like, is potentially far more revealing than a conventional survey. talkigy's logs can be a source of powerful insights into your visitors. What are they interested in? What do they like? How can you help them? IP addresses are logged so you can also find out which location the interest is coming from
talkigy automated dialogue provides you with a new source of intelligence on your target audience.

Works with your existing site, fast to deliver, low cost

talkigy is applied as a simple overlay to your existing web site. Apart from some links so visitors can find the chat window, there is probably no need to adjust anything on your site - or the people and hosting technology behind it. Your existing pages can appear within a frame (just like this page) and the chat pane to the right can be opened or closed by the visitor. Other features that make talkigy the automated dialogue tool of choice:

  • You have completed control of all the responses provided- talkigy does not assemble responses by re-assembling user input as do many other chatbots. talkigy only ever responds with content that you have provided or approved. Providing you are careful to craft responses that cannot be taken out of context (for example using complete sentences that avoid the use of pronouns, talkigy will always stay 'on message'. We can of course assist you in the creation of good responses

  • Creating content in spreadsheets is easy for anyone to do - your response bank is created, edited and updated using spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel). This makes it easy for anyone to contribute content and for others to review, just like any other document. (Most other chatbots require specialist programming when the content is changed or updated.)

  • Your artificial dialogue will chat with visitors round the clock - talkigy is a high performance system and will respond quickly at all hours of the day, regardless of time zones and opening hours.

  • talkigy can make it easy to navigate a complex site - if you have a very large site, finding your way around can be difficult. With talkigy is able to open pages for the user. Imagine this dialogue:
    - visitor: "Do you sell widgets?"
    - talkigy: "We sell widgets types A, B and C"
    - visitor: "take me to the price list for type A"
    - talkigy then opens the page containing the price list for widget type A

If you are still reading this, presumably you want to find out something, why not try chatting instead?

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