Terms and Conditions

When contracting for services from talkigy, the following terms and conditions are accepted by the Customer.


  • By providing content for compilation into an artificial dialogue, the Customer assures talkigy that they have the appropriate rights over content for its publication and indemnify talkigy against all claims to this effect whether they are justified or not.

Privacy & Confidentiality

  • talkigy will not pass on any details of Customer to third parties. The talkigy automated dialogue service has not been audited by security specialists and therefore should not be used for confidential or private data. Customer is responsible for ensuring that content provided does not include any confidential data.


  • talkigy's liability to the customer is limited to the current calendar year and the total amount of fees paid in the current calendar year.


  • talkigy automated dialogues can be accessed by anyone and are not password protected.For for this reason talkigy will only include content that is safe for a general audience that may include children. Inappropriate content, for example concerning sex, violence or criminality, will not be accepted. If you are in doubt as to the suitability of your topic for an automated dialogue, please contact us for advice.


  • talkigy will need to occasionaly deactivate the site for maintemance. These periods will be short (maximum a few hours) and will be coordinated to cause the minimum lack of service.


  • talkigy fees are payable in advance.


  • The Customer may cancel services with immediate effect and fees for the current month will be waived if this is requested by Customer at the time of cancellation.
  • talkigy undertakes to provide the service for the complete term as initially . After that, talkigy may end provision of service providing one month's notice is given,


  • The law governing and defining agreements between Customer and talkigy shall be those of England in the United Kingdom.


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