Here are the instructions for creating your own automated dialogue

  1. Click the chat button chat_btn

    Click the chat button at the bottom right of this page so and interact with the talkigy automated dialogue so that you get a feeling for how an automated dialogue works.

  1. Pricing Plan

    Select the pricing plan that suits you best and check the terms and conditions

  2. Contact talkigy

    Contact talkigy to advise us of your plans

  3. Create the Response Bank

    Create the Response Bank for your topics. Fill in a number of spreadsheets with dialogue on your topic, stimuli on the even rows and responses on the odd rows.

  4. Column Reference

    For additional details on how to prepare the spreadsheets with content see the Column Reference

  5. Specialist Synonyms

    OPTIONAL: Create list of Specialist Synonyms

  6. Adjust your Home Page

    Once your content has been created, all that remains is for your existing home page html to be adjusted to include the chat box code. Contact talkigy talkigy for details on how to do this final step.