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If you are interested in using talkigy for your web site, feel free to use the following text to formulate your enquiry (copy/paste into an email):

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3 How can talkigy help you?

4 URL of web site where a talkigy dialogue could be useful?

5 Describe the content or message you wish to convey?

6 How much content is there?

7 Who will author the dialogues, you or talkigy?

8 If talkigy will author dialogues, what will they based on (web pages, docs etc.)?

9 What kind of personality would you like your automated dialogue to have (friendly, authoritative etc.)?

10 Do you have any deadlines or desired time frames to meet?

11 When will you start preparing the content for your automated dialogue?

12 When would you like the assistance from talkigy to activate a dialogue with your content?

13 Anything else?


... on how to create your own automated dialogue.