Specialist Synonyms

Note: Preparation of Specialist Synonyms is optional

talkigy is good at interpreting synonyms but your topic may have terms that are special to your topic. Here are the instructions for providing talkigy with your Specialist Synonyms.

It is optional whether you provide talkigy with any Specialist Synonym data. Usually it will make sense to provide just a few key terms. There is no need to provide data on plain English synonyms, only provide synonyms that are special to your topic. Note that synonyms may be provided for groups of up to three words or single words.

Why provide Specialist Synonyms?

You might wish to provide Specialist Synonyms if ...

  • ... there is a word or group of words that is important but may be typed in different ways, abbreviated or inconsistently preceded by 'a' or the' e.g.

    • 'rac :'royal automobile club;auto mobile club;the auto club;r.a.c.; the rac;the r.a.c.',
    • uk : 'the united kingdom;united kingdom;u.k.;britain;great britain'
  • ... there is a specialist term unlikely to be included in talkigy's general synonym bank, or where variations of a word are equivalent in the context of your automated dialogue. e.g.:

    • 'woodpecker' : 'wood pecker;lesser spotted woodpecker',
    • 'parakeet' : 'budgie;budgerigar',
  • ... you think certain specialist terms are likely to be misspelled. e.g. :

    • 'counterfeit': 'counterfiet;counterfeet',


For an automated dialogue about a cat called Poppy:

  • 'cat' : 'moggy;pussycat;pussy cat;pussy;kitty;kitty kat;puss;puss puss;kitty kitty;feline;',
  • 'male' : 'tom cat;tomcat',
  • 'you' :'poppy;this ai',

For an automated dialogue about a property available to rent:

  • 'flat' : 'the apartment;the appartment;appartment;the flat;the apartment;appartment;accomodation;the accommodation;accommadation',
  • 'garden': 'yard;court yard;courtyard;courtyard garden;court yard garden;outdoor space',
  • 'take': 'live in;stay at;stay in;rent;book;reserve;reservation;booking',


Provide your Specialist Synonyms in a text file in as per the below example:

'flat' : 'the apartment;the appartment;appartment;the flat;the appartment;apartment;accomodation;the accommodation',

'garden': 'yard;court yard;courtyard;courtyard garden;court yard garden;outdoor space',

'take': 'live in;stay at;stay in;loan;lend;occupy',

Note the following:

  • Each term and its related synonyms should be on a single line
  • The target word, a single word, comes first in quote marks, then a colon ':', then the substitution terms in quote marks, finally a comma at the end of the line
  • If you have more than one synonym, it should be separated from others with a semi-colon ';'.
  • Between the semi-colons, there may be up to three words separated by spaces. So while 'lesser spotted woodpecker' is an acceptable word group, talkigy will not be able to process a synonym for 'lesser spotted wood pecker'
  • Synonym handling is not case sensitive, so there is no need to provide alternative capitalisation.
  • The target word should be a single word with no punctuation marks or spaces.
  • talkigy typically replaces commas and full stops with spaces, so if you include "'abc':'a b c'," then all the following will be treated as the same 'abc': A-B-C, a.b.c, Abc, A-B.c, A,B, c,
  • '&' is equivalent to 'and'
  • Multiple spaces are equivalent to a single space
  • talkigy uses a word stemmer so word suffixes are removed. So for example: liking running and swims is understood by talkigy to be the same as like runs and swimming (without the need to provide any Specialist Synonyms).
  • Do not worry about covering every possible Specialist Synonym - or being too precise about whether a term is a precise synonym or not. The way talkigy analyses a stimulus is based on a number of clues and if certain words are not matched exactly - or a misinterpreted with the wrong synonym, it should not matter too much. Focus on a small number of priority terms that are key to your topic.
  • Do not worry if your formatting is not quite right, talkigy will fix it if necessary.


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