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talkigy automated dialogue, content via good old fashioned chat

Welcome to talkigy. Please select topic for chat:

1 talkigy automated dialogue
2 Poppy, the cat that I am
3 the assassination of JFK

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Chatbots are fun! talkigy aims not just to pull off the party trick of simulating natural dialogue but also seeks to help content authors and their users explore content using a technique tried and tested over millenia: natural conversation. What are the different applications you can think of for this? Try chatting with talkigy now, test it and find out more

With the talkigy chatbot you can dialogue with content authors via artifical intelligence. Select your topic and chat away or ask talkigy about talkigy!

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  • about-talkigy - this innovative system for automated chat
  • poppy-cat - chat with a real cat!
  • jfk-coup - JFK Assassination, what happened and why it matters

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Talkigy is a platform for hosting automated dialogues. [talkigy 2014.3]

Features of about_talkigy:

  • Topic agnostic - easily populated with content relating to any topic
  • Multi purpose - great for training and development, marketing, helpdesk and games
  • Interactive - engage the user and stimulate them to explore the topic
  • Efficient - get quickly to the things that interested you,. Authors can provide 24/7 service at low cost
  • Opinionated - can be directed to drive an agenda chosen by the author
  • Flexible - incorporate into existing web sites or applications
  • Hosted - scales without limit, no need for you to worry about managing systems

Content is provided in a database of questions and answers. When the user enters a question, the input is simplified (e.g. to common synonyms and word stems) and about_talkigy tries to provide a suitable response.

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Help Information

When chatting with talkigy, you can also use the following commands:

-help for this help message
-name to enter a nickname
-improve to enter an improved response
-typo to correct spelling/grammar in a response
-suggest for an idea of what to discuss
-change to change the subject being discussed
-quit or -q to quit

Docs coming soon!

  • author_manual
  • developer_manual
  • content_template

Contact us usin g t alkigy at gm ail do tc om c orrecting the spelling here first!

or talkigy can answer your questions about talkigy